Where is your organization now?

The world is definitely moving towards a hybrid working model and this is going to challenge those basic assumptions about what individuals and teams need in order to be successful.
The requirement to adapt and rethink the future whilst maintaining the capacity to innovate and create is a major challenge when designing this new working landscape. Staying ahead of the competition has always required successful teamwork, and now more than ever.

  • Today’s HR leaders have an opportunity to look very differently at how they compose their project teams and allocate tasks to unlock opportunities for business advantages.

  • The potential of your teams and their talents can be much greater than you think.

All you have to do is activate them !


Why Leonardo3.4.5 ?

To help you to understand the importance of diversity in personal talent and potential in teams.

To better understand interpersonal relations, how people process information, make decisions and manage their work.

To ensure the right person is performing the right role, in terms of the 8 entrepreneurial functions required for successful teams.

To evaluate the team’s attitude towards the strategic polarities and manage its impact on the functioning and performance of the team.

To concentrate on employee’s talents and motivation as the key to activating, optimising and improving your organizational performance.

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What can it do for your organization?

  • The Leonardo3.4.5 tool generates a profile for an individual in terms of their preferences at work. It identifies potential and talents and combines them with the challenges in terms of group dynamics and efficiency that teams and organizations often face.

  • Leonardo3.4.5 can help with recruitment, organization and personal development, organizational analysis, team development as well as crisis management.

  • Leonardo3.4.5 helps you to improve effectiveness by understanding the importance and diversity of an individual’s potential and their talents in order to optimize synergy and collaboration within the team and improve overall performance and team dynamics.


What makes Leonardo3.4.5 different from other tools?

Three “active ingredients” for generating profiles:

High Resolution Profiles

Leveraging Neuro Science

Brain-Friendly Writing Style

There are more than 1500 different profiles available in 4 languages, describing preferred behaviours
and providing guidance for teamwork and the development of collective intelligence.

“devilishly precise”, “how do you know me so well”, “oh my goodness this is so me”

These are some of the comments we get from participants who take part in our workshops about their profiles.

The profiles are equipped with “learning and change facilitators”.

The brain-friendly writing style means that the mere reading of the text is an individual facilitation and coaching session by itself, activating the magic of “Instant Behavioural Optimization”.

Our solutions

How you can work with us

Leverage Your Team

Use Leonardo3.4.5 to help you move to a preference-based project staffing model and get greater clarity on how best to accomplish your project work, expand your talent pools and develop new opportunities for engagement and wellbeing.

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Recruitment and Career Coaching/Counselling

In the new working model organizations will be wanting to hire the best and brightest from around the world. Use Leondardo 3.4.5 to take your services to the next level. Get valuable insights for career choices, help candidates find the job satisfaction they deserve, positively influence the placement experience and your success rate

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Personal Development

Talent is everywhere in the hybrid working world, unleash your potential and expand your opportunities! Use Leonardo3.4.5 to reveal those preferences and tasks for which you have the greatest affinity. Understand how to make better use of them and empower your career decisions.

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