Leonardo3.4.5 Your Human Resources and Team Development Tool

Leonardo3.4.5 is a highly accurate profile generator, available as a web-based questionnaire.

Thanks to its theoretical basis, the generated profiles are highly relevant and easily applicable in any professional context. In addition, the profiles are available in three versions (Summary, Short and Development) that meet the different needs of an organization depending on the context and the persons involved. The development profile is the star as it is easy to use when conducting individual or group coaching sessions

How Leonardo3.4.5 could be used in your organization?

How do you get your Leonardo3.4.5 profile?

Simple, when you decide to implement Leonardo3.4.5 in your organization, your team has direct access to a web-based questionnaire. It takes just 20 minutes to answer the 80 questions to generate the highly accurate profiles that are going to help you unlock their potential and talent!

Once all team members have completed their questionnaires, the system consolidates all their profiles and highlights where the organization can access the talents as well as those areas at risk.

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